What does put the paper to bed mean

put something to bed meaning, definition, what is put something to bed: to complete a newspaper, magazine, or bo: Learn more.

Definition of put a newspaper to bed in US English - prepare a newspaper for press. We define Putting the Paper to Bed, and other Publishing Jargon jargon. Verb. (third-person singular simple present puts to bed, present participle putting to bed, simple past and past participle put to bed). To help someone, for example a child, go to bed; (idiomatic, printing) To prepare a newspaper for printing; (idiomatic, sports) To finalise the result, seal a win. (idiomatic) To dispel. I hope we.

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¿te pongo leche en el café?; you haven't put any salt in it no le has puesto nada de sal; to put an advertisement in the paper poner un anuncio en el periódico; he put a coin in the slot puso or metió or (formal) introdujo una moneda en la ranura; he put the letter in his pocket se metió la carta en el bolsillo; he put the ball in. Definition of put to bed in the Idioms Dictionary. put to bed phrase. What does put to bed expression mean? Definitions by the largest This expression, transferring nighttime retirement to other kinds of completion, was first applied to a newspaper, where it meant "send to press," that is, start to print. [Mids]. See also. Put the paper to bed means to make the final changes in a newspaper and send it to the printers. In the old days of linotypes and the earlier hot.
What does put the paper to bed mean

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What does put the paper to bed mean

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