Reddit star citizen trades

Aug 19, - So I browse this sub for a while now, and the game hooked me, so I'm ready to buy a ship+pledge. Thing is, $45 is too much for me right now, so I.

Talking through an interesting side of our game, and that's the Grey Market Grey Market Link: These same people look after the bigger traders there and only give them a verbal slap on the wrist when they break the rules of the sub, but are quite happy to ban and silence other users who are not their friends when they speak out. Even when the mods themselves break the rules, they do nothing and. Apr 10, - Citizen. Get a refund. How to get a refund for Star Citizen. Create an offline copy of your hangar log and other account details. CIG may close your account at any point in the process. Calculate the For those who do not want to pursue a refund but wish to get their money back, trading may be an option.

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Getting trading in-game, as one of the first professions that will be added in Star Citizen with the update, will be very important for our. Rules of Conduct. 9. Listed prices must include fees. For trades that advertises the use of Paypal, an invoice must be provided. Consider accepting starcitizen items or RSI credit as part of your trade.
Reddit star citizen trades

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Reddit star citizen trades

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This is what's going to cause them problems e. Pirates that want to have fun hunting down traders or mercenaries and bounty hunters that want to protect traders from pirates and criminals. I also believe that an important part of our income from trading in 3. It will be very nice if they could add NPC, like the ones we have in Port Olisar and Grim Hex, in a surface outpost and turn a couple of these into surface shops. It will be like an alternate form of smuggling, only this time you will be sneaking behind pirate lines to deliver your goods. Why do I say "officially"?