Cbdt circular on forex derivatives

May 19, - The Central Board of Direct Taxes ('CBDT') on 23 March issued instructions on the matter whether losses on account of foreign exchange derivative trans.

Apr 18, - Another aspect dealt by the circular is the taxation of derivatives. The scope of ICDS VI on “Effects of changes in foreign exchange rates” inter-alia includes treatment of foreign currency transactions in the nature of forward exchange contracts. Further, ICDS defines forward exchange contract as an. United Stock Exchange of India Limited – Notification No. 12/ [F. No. /20/SO(TPL)], dated Thus, derivative trading in foreign exchange through these stock exchange is also now business activity. For ready reference section 43(5) of Income Tax Act. (5) ”speculative transaction”means a transaction. of trading in forex derivatives on a MTM basis either suo motu or in compliance of the AS or advisory circular issued by the ICAI. It further directs tax oficers to follow the guidelines laid down there under with regard to the allowability of such losses against the taxable income of an assessee. Para 2 of the CBDT instruction.

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Jul 16, - MCA Notification - has issued notification on 1 April ❖ Companies will be Also, whether FOREX derivatives can be said to be a transaction in “commodity” to. ❑ Also, whether FOREX .. Recently, the CBDT has issued to assessing officers regarding the loss on account of currency derivatives. Mar 23, - A large number of assesses are said to be reporting such losses on 'marked to market' basis either suo motu or in compliance of the Accounting Standard or advisory circular issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The issue whether such losses on account of forex-derivatives can be allowed. either suo motu or in compliance of the AS or advisory circular issued by the ICAI. It further directs tax oficers to follow the guidelines laid down there under with regard to the allowability of such losses against the taxable income of an assessee. Para 2 of the CBDT instruction provides that. MTM losses on forex derivatives.
Cbdt circular on forex derivatives

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Cbdt circular on forex derivatives

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However, an eligible transaction is one that is carried out electronically on a screen-based system through a stock broker or a sub-broker on a recognised stock exchange. This is due to that fact that any loss in a speculative transaction can be set off only against profit from speculative transactions. Simply put, forex derivative loss, recognised on MTM basis, would be added back for the purpose of computing the taxable income of the company concerned assessee. Total assets of the assessee at beginning of the year were Rs 5 crore and at the end of year were Rs 8 crores. Any loss in a speculative transaction can be set off only against profit from speculative transactions. Thus, accounting under Ind AS may not follow legal form of the transaction in various circumstances. As the revenue implications of such transaction are large, the Assessing Officers need to examine the statements of accounts and the notes to accounts with a view to find out any reference to any loss on account of forex-derivatives.